The last post of transition…

I have spent most of today reading people’s stories and blogs about their experiences of how running has helped with their mental health.

According to the Metro a whopping 74% of runners say that running has improved their mental health. ( As part of this project I have spent time reflecting on each of my runs. I am very lucky to say that I suffer with the odd bad mood but I do not have any serious mental health issues. Despite this I do suffer from some levels of stress being a student mental health nurse – the stress of worrying about what my grades will be, what I need to do to qualify, how the hell I am actually going to help people when they are suffering?! These worries do not stop me from my day-to-day life but I do find that running is amazing when I am worried. Any small anxieties that I have can can be easily be washed away by 30 minutes jogging down the road and often I realise how insignificant my worries are because of it!


Here are a selection of individual stories, you never know, they might help you…

These stories are so inspirational, that it helps reaffirm the reasons why I am running the Brighton Marathon for MIND and to raise as much money as I can ( for those who deserve it!

Last words of thought….

I can happily reflect to say that I have learnt a lot during these three weeks. Focusing my efforts onto why running is so beneficial for the body and mind has really helped focus my own training and to remind myself every day why I am putting myself through the pain.

In terms of my patient interactions, I feel able to advise people on how to get started, what the risks and benefits are, where to refer them too if they need it, how to recognise if a person might need some exercise to improve their physical health and the reasons behind it – and so much more!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs reader, I hope they have been as beneficial for you as they have for me!

Gemma, out x



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